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Initial Setup

Navigate to your TunnelHound instance by navigating to https://<your instance IP or hostname>.

Your browser will most likely complain about an invalid certificate. When TunnelHound starts for the first time, it uses an auto-generated, self-signed certificate. This certificate is unique to your machine, and is perfectly secure to use. However, most users will eventually want to use a CA-signed certificate that will be automatically trusted by browsers.

For initial setup however, accept this certificate to continue with the setup process.

Creating the initial admin user

In order to use TunnelHound, you will need to create the initial admin user. TunnelHound comes with a built-in username/password authentication system. You can disable this later on and use SSO exclusively (with the proper license), but the username/password system is always available to administrators as a fallback.

Be sure to choose a valid e-mail for your administrator account. Remember that an adminstrator account can perform any action on your appliance, so be sure to choose a strong and secure password.

Setting up e-mail

TunnelHound may need to send e-mails to server administrators or to users. For example, TunnelHound can send you an e-mail when an urgent security update is available, or e-mail a user when their password is about to expire. Although you can skip this step, some functions may not work if you do.

Note that some cloud providers restrict access on common SMTP ports. Be sure to check with your cloud provider for instructions on how to open SMTP ports so your server can send mail, especially if you need to use an unauthenticated SMTP service (which we strongly recommend against BTW).

Here are some links for common cloud providers:

Cloud Setup

Running TunnelHound successfully on a cloud system may require some additional steps. Firstly, you’ll need to ensure that your cloud network environment is set up so you can access TunnelHound. For best results in cloud environments, see our Cloud Setup page.

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