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TunnelHound is the easiest way to set up and manage a WireGuard® VPN. Available either in the cloud or hosted on premise, TunnelHound gets rid of difficult to remember command lines and manual provisioning. Users of TunnelHound can direct their network participants to a hosted self-service portal, where they can accomplish all common operations, such as provisioning credentials for new devices, resetting credentials for existing devices, changing their password or contact information, etc.

TunnelHound takes care of allocating IP addresses, securely generating credentials on your user’s devices (the TunnelHound server never sees client private keys), and logging users in and out. Customers of our paid plans can also integrate TunnelHound into their single sign-on service to create accounts for all users in their organization in one click.

TunnelHound is freemium software. Most features are available for free, with some resource limitations. To raise the resource limitations or access some advanced features, such as SAML SSO login, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid plan.

To get started with TunnelHound, follow one of our installation guides.

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