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TunnelHound manual

Learn how to install, configure, and use TunnelHound, and get answers to common questions.


  • Support for setting up multiple WireGuard® networks
  • Provide access to private networks via NAT (default) or direct peer routing (requires extra setup)
  • Add multiple users or network adminstrators
  • Full support for split- or full-tunnel networking
  • Invite users to join your network by sending invitation codes directly to their inboxes
  • Fully automated device provisioning
  • Automatic SSL certificates via a built-in CA or Let’s Encrypt
  • Automatic key rotations, including e-mail reminders
  • Coming Soon – Custom routing and network access control
  • Coming Soon – Amazon Web Services integration (DNS access based on tags)
  • Coming Soon – IPv6 support

Getting started

Getting started on a cloud provider

TunnelHound provides several pre-built images for common cloud providers. Select your cloud provider from the list below for detailed instructions on your platform.

Getting started on your own hardware

You can also run TunnelHound on your own hardware or on cloud providers for which we don’t have an image. The preferred way of hosting TunnelHound is with Docker. See below for instructions on getting started with Docker.

Name Change

On January 17, 2021, TunnelHound was renamed to TunnelHound in order to avoid trademark infringement. See this page for more information.


TunnelHound is freemium software. Most features are available for free, with some resource limitations. To raise the resource limitations or access some advanced features, such as SAML SSO login, you’ll need to subscribe to a paid plan.

Occassionally, we can provide reduced cost licenses to non-profits that cannot afford it. Please contact us at to request a free license. This service is offered at our discretion. Please keep in mind that TunnelHound is a small business and cannot always meet demand.

TunnelHound is a creation of F Omega Enterprises LLC, a software development and consulting firm. F Omega Enterprises LLC is an Oregon Limited Liability Corporation.

Copyright © 2020 F Omega Enterprises LLC
"WireGuard" and the "WireGuard" logo are registered trademarks of Jason A. Donenfeld.